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May 01 2023

Dedpop is back?

Dedpop was an electronic music netlabel I ran from 2007 to 2012. Over the course of 5 years we put out numerous releases, starting with digital downloads and moving into cassette tapes. We featured artists from the UK, France, Spain, Russia and the USA. Sadly in 2012 a number of tricky things happened in quick succession which resulted in the site vanishing from the internet. I'd always meant to reinstate it when I got some time. I didn't think it'd take me 11 years but here we are.

Is this the old site?

What you are looking at is an archived copy of the site as it was in early 2008 because that's what I found on an old hard drive. If I can find a newer version I'll put that up too but I don't have much hope as I think by 2009 I was updating the site live on a server and not taking backups. Gah!
This version of the site has 14 releases and I think they hold up very well. They're all free to download so have a listen and enjoy yourself.

Is there any plan to release new music through dedpop?

Things have changed a lot since 2012. We have Bandcamp for one thing so anyone who wants to can upload their music and make it available for free download or sell it very easily. But there's something nice about the idea of a record label still. So who knows...


March 02 2008

New EPs from Nocow & Sean Eskimo

Today we have two new EPs for you to download and enjoy. 'English Breakfast' is the new release from Sean Eskimo, Following on from the sound of 2006's 'Eskimusic EP' English Breakfast has a somewhat quirkier style mixing hard beats and squishy synths with some random chat about bacon and eggs.

'The World Inside Us' a fantastic collection of tracks from Russian artist Nocow. If you're into laid back jazzy vibes and smooth beats, this is one you should definately sample right now! Both EPs are available from our releases section.

February 24 2008

Mailing List + exclusive downloads

We now have a mailing list. I expect that doesn't really interest you that much. What if I told you that signing up to this mailing list would get you free exclusive downloads though? Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. ; )
Those little boxes over there on the left... fill 'em in eh?

February 23 2008

New releases

Wow! Have we got some exciting stuff coming up for you guys! Expect new releases in the next few weeks from Daschon, Rykard, Nocow and Sean Eskimo. Everyone is getting busy like a busy bee to get tracks done, just to give you something to dance / sleep / eat / get busy to. You lucky bastards! I promise on the life on my favourite kiwi that there will be new downloads by March 1st.

February 10 2008

'Toasted' compilation is available

Well, it's ten to three in the morning but it's finished. At last! The 'Toasted' compilation is made up of tacks from artists who have been featured on the Jammy Toast podcast. You can get it in the releases section. It's really good! Go and download it now!

January 13 2008

It's a new netlabel... oh yeah!!!

What's going on here then? Do we really need another netlabel? Well... No, probably not. But that's like how you don't really need things like Easter eggs, but they're nice when they turn up aren't they?

So the plan is to bring you quality electronica type music (for free) on a fairly regular basis. It's all gonna be Creative Commons licenced so you can spread it around without being subjected to that guilty feeling that you are supposed to get (but don't) from music piracy. Neato.

The first release will be a compilation from artists who have appeared on the Jammy Toast Podcast it should be available in early feb.